terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010


The subprime crisis was hitting the United States as a tsunami but just “marolinhas” (small little waves) were showing up in here. The Piigs were scaring Europe, but Brazil was creating the biggest barbecue of the world with the biggest beer company (AB Imbev) and the biggest meat company (JBS-Bertin) consolidated by Brazilian leaders.

Who could´ve imagined, yeas ago, that a president emerged from our lowest self-esteem would be among the international leaders and a potential candidate for the  Nobel prize ?

If, economically speaking, the world is driving through accidental and unknown roads, having already used its only spare tire, Brazil is showing incredible off-road abilities. Never our economy was so healthy.

The world is getting just like Brazil. We are experts with the unpredictable. We have always been like that. In this kind of scenario that seems scary for the rest of the world, we know as well as the environment of a soccer game.

Domenico de Masi, has launched in the end of the last decade the concept of the creative idleness, expression that originated his book. According to the sociologist concepts, it is possible to achieve a level of activities that involves fun, work and study at the same time.

The writer gives complements to the Brazilian stile of life that maintain good equilibrium between work and fun.

We have a healthy irreverence the makes us think “out of the box”, desirable in times like these. Our flexibility to adapt ourselves to rapidly scenario changes and the guts to take risks, other than a high capacity to built durable relationships are some of the characteristics that are making the Brazilian executives wanted in the real corporate scenario.

Among the Brazilian characteristics, is the constant leadership regarding the internet usage, with more than 48 hours monthly among the 70 million plus web users that deal with a limited accessibility on broad band connection.

Some companies still limited the internet access to its employees try to stop a river with exponential growth. Is there enough bricks and mortar or is this our wave?

Yes, there are waves in rivers. Guess from who is the time record of staying in a single wave in a river? Brazilian from Parana at a “pororoca”, Amazon

Is Internet competing with the productive and creative time of the people at their jobs or is it becoming the right environment for what the sociologist has called activities that involve fun, work and study at the same time, enhancing the best of us, Brazilians?

Maybe we are entering in the time where the motivational attachment (our best field) finally prevails over the employment attachment. It will not survive to the Brazilian samba if the first one does not exist. At the end of the day what really matters is the capacity of a project, brand, company, community or a product or service stimulate our passion in work, communicate, help, share, criticize or consume – actions presents in the web platform anywhere in the world, anytime at any Smartphone, iPad, Tv´s or even PCs.

We have to bring Brazil to leadership, world´s expert in passion and irreverence, what turns the web (and the world) from oppressive to liberating, from dispersive to productive, from independent to interdependent. The world entrepreneurship demands imagination, our imagination.

We are also the Brazilians who put passion in everything and think big other than the ones that never give up. The world already knows that.